Why I started this blog…

I started this blog what feels like a lifetime ago now. I started it to write about life with my identical twin sons, among other things, with whom I was pregnant at the time.
You’ll notice my URL is “multiply blessed”, which is exactly how I felt back then. Everything seemed perfect. My partner & I were so happy, and it felt like everything was about to get even better. We were just counting down the days until our sons were here.
There’s no easy way to tell you that we did not get to take our sons home. They were born January 30th of this year, but their hearts had stopped beating sometime the day before. I felt like mine had too. We were 5 days away from our inducement date, and the pregnancy had always been perfect – how could it all suddenly go wrong? My sons had always been so healthy. There had been zero complications. But apparently my body had failed them.
My first post here was supposed to be a post from an exhausted new mum. Probably a quick birth story, and some rambling about what treasures my sons are and how I love them more and more each day. I do, but they are not here to share that love. And maybe one day I will post their birth story, but now is certainly not the time. Now, this blog will probably be used to document my life and how I cope without my precious boys.
So far, it has been a mess, but you’re welcome to read about it.


3 thoughts on “Why I started this blog…

  1. Hi Emily,
    I wanted to tell you that I’ve shared your story with some of my mom friends in the Babyloss community here, and that you are in their prayers. I’ve asked them to spread the word. My friend Karen has some Autralian blogger friends who are bereaved moms as well, and she is going to share your story with them as well. So I’m hoping more support will be coming your way, in one form or another. I will keep at this. It’s a really hard mysterious journey, losing little ones, but I want you to know, and to really feel, that you are not alone.
    Sending truck-fulls of love your way,

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