Baby Number 3, Life, parenting

Food on every surface.

Parenting is messy. Right now I’m typing this on a keyboard half smeared with peanut butter, and my darling Charlie is trying to help me type with her honey-covered fingers. I used to hate having the tiniest speck dirt on my clothing, now I get dressed every morning with the assumption that I’ll be covered in food by the end of the day. Because I will. By the end of the day there will be food on every damn surface in the house, and especially me. I don’t know how she does it, because her meals are mostly eaten in the high chair, but she’s just talented I guess.

Then there’s the bodily fluids. Those are really fun. I’m not too fazed by any of it any more, but Matt still can’t change a dirty napping without gagging. Today Charlie has a runny nose (courtesy of her father) which means everything is snotty. It’s not even that congested, but then she’ll sneeze all over her clothing, or wipe her face on my leg or the couch. I’ve lost count of the amount of tissues I’ve used today wiping her face. My poor cherub.

The TV always has a line of grubby little handprints across the bottom, where she can reach. The couch is grimy 90% of the time – the other 10% is immediately after I’ve cleaned it, which seems a pretty pointless task but I do it anyway. I’m avoiding the kitchen right now because the floor is sticky; Charlie had an orange quarter this morning that she decided would be more fun to squeeze than digest.

And here’s me, wearing daggy clothes (because I didn’t want raspberry stains on my good ones), food smooshed into my shorts, haven’t managed to shower yet today. But I don’t mind at all. Charlie is healthy and happy, and playing with her is more important than staying clean. 

I wish my house was always clean. Lord knows I spend enough time cleaning it. I stay up late every night clearing away the destruction of the day, and for a few minutes when I get up every morning I have the clean house I dream of. And then Charlie wakes up. She’s so worth the mess though. I don’t even notice the food on every surface when she’s smiling up at me.



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